A Blast from the Past

While checking my emails the other day I didn’t recognize one of the senders, but the subject Hiking 1967 rang a bell. This is the story I received from Randy:

“In 1967, I had a summer job in Calgary. I met Hildo Hoek and he introduced me to mountain hiking with the Youth Hostel organization. I remember you on many of the weekend hikes.  You had a car and I paid you the Youth Hostel rate of 1¢ per mile to get a ride. I think we were both neophytes in mountain hiking at that time. I see that the mountains became an important part of your life.

I came across your website while looking for something else, and thought “I recognize that name”.  Even if you don’t remember me, you contributed to a great summer and my introduction to hiking in the mountains.  Thank you.”

When I checked my book Ruthie’s Trails there on page 22 I found a photo of Randy and I and others on top of Castle Mountain (at that time it was called Mount Eisenhower) on a hostel group weekend trip. We have been chatting back and forth on the email now and in one of them Randy said “Without the rides that you and others offered that summer, I would never have been on those hikes.  I had no car and not much money so I would have been stuck in Calgary.  So there is the lesson of the day.”

Fifty-one years is a long time for someone to come out of the wood work, but it always amazes me that they do.

Randy hiking 1967Sulphur Ridge

Here is Randy in 2010 on Sulphur Ridge above Miette Hot Springs. It is nice to know that he has continued hiking and the athletic life. Click to enlarge the photo.


Randy scanned this old photo of us on top of Castle Mountain in 1967. Randy is on the left. We have changed a lot since then, but we still love the mountains.

And here is me about the same time, 2011, at Honeymoon Lake in Jasper National Park.



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