A Hairy Story

This story dates back 73 years to when I had my first hair cut. That’s right, I had my first hair cut when I was 10 years old. I had long ringlets and braids for little while. Remember ringlets? My dear mother saved the hair she cut off and I’ve kept it ever since – in the same red tissue paper. At the age of 22 I had fairly long hair and had it cut and saved it. It is in the white tissue paper. Today Margaret, of Hairspinners At Home, came to cut my hair and I showed her the hair I had saved. To mark the occasion she photographed my hair before she cut it and then after. She pointed out the lighter curls and said they are lighter as they have been exposed to the sun longer. I have never dyed my hair and it is naturally curly.

At 83 years of age it amazes me that I still have most of my hair colour. I have 8 siblings and some are totally white, some of the guys have very little hair, and some are well on their way to be totally white. Ingrid and I have very similar colour quantity, but I am blonder. Genetics? That is a good question.

DSC05471 DSC05472 DSC05474DSC05491 DSC05490 DSC05489 DSC05492 DSC05494 DSC05493


Post scrip:  Subsequent to this Hairy Story my friend Judy J. and I compared our hair from our childhoods. Judy is not sure how old she was when her mother cut her hair, but it was fairly close to 10 years old too. Here we are with Show & Tell:


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