A Little Walk

I’ve been restricted from winter hiking due to my broken wing that is waiting for surgery, but today the temperature was +9˚C with a good Chinook wind. This meant I could not resist going for a walk in Bow Valley Provincial Park. I was sure the closed roads would be largely free of snow and with the high temperature I would not need all those clothes that normal December weather requires. After taking a pile of stuff to the recycle depot and visiting the post office I headed off to the park.

Parking at Middle Lake makes it easy to get to those roads that are gated shut in the winter. I took the one into Bow Valley Campground and wandered around there for awhile. I had a wee glimpse of the Bow River with the wind blowing up white caps. From that road I took the road that goes to Whitefish. I went almost to the Elk Flats Group Camp without having to step on snow or ice. (I don’t do ice.) The whole walk took me two hours.

I was overdue for a walk outside, so in spite of the strong Chinook winds it was great to be out and I didn’t have to dress for very cold weather. This is Middle Lake before it froze.



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