Another Snow Angel

Yes, another snow angel had arrived to pit his strength against the mounds of snow on my deck and in my side yard. His name is John and what a wonderful transformation he has made to the treacherous maneuvering it has taken for me to get in and out of my front door. Yesterday I had to snowshoe out my back door, down the snow covered steps and then break a trail through the Back Forty to the Berm above Exshaw Creek and down to Mount Kidd Crescent; along it and around the corner and over the drift in my front yard to snowshoe up the front steps to reach the door and the shovel. I was barely able to free the front door so I could open it.

Tonight all that has changed when John arrived and put his muscles to work. Danny, a local lad, contributed to some of this miracle, but it was John who really did the majority of the work. The snow that was almost 60 cm deep on my walkway was so hard I could easily walk on top of it. John changed all that and created a miracle for me. You can see some of this miracle herein. Click once to enlarge a photo. The photo with the door visible was taken yesterday after my feeble efforts. The one with the bush on the left shows the front yard drift. John is six feet tall, so he figured the side yard drift is five feet deep.

DSC04550 DSC04557 DSC04556 DSC04555  DSC04552 DSC04553

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