Bad News and Good News

Recently I went to Banff to the Sports Medicine Clinic in the Mineral Springs Hospital where my doctor had referred me. After my injured arm/shoulder had been assessed by a doctor and three x-rays taken, and the assessing doctor consulted with the orthopaedic doctor they presented me with the news that I required a shoulder replacement. It seems the break in my humerus is complex and it is not doing well. This is bad news in one way and good news in another way. The good news is that something can be done to give me the mobility I need and get rid of this very painful shoulder/arm. The bad news is that this is probably another long wait for surgery that has to be done in Calgary. I was so discouraged that I thought of taking myself out behind the barn and shooting myself, but I had two problems with that. One, I don’t have a barn, and two, I don’t have a gun! Sigh….. I guess I’ll just have to hang in there and carry on. Fortunately, I can still hike, so I am hoping for a long, warm fall. I checked the net for “Shoulder Joint Replacement” and learned a lot that I didn’t know. The humerus, shoulder joint, and collar bone are treated as one. I also learned what will happen after surgery for recovery. Your prayers would be appreciated – for patience and for a good outcome from the surgery.

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