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Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there were five girls in the Oltmann family. Somehow one is missing from this photo. What will we do? We will search and search until we find the missing girl. She has to be out there somewhere.


Joanne, Ruthie, Nora Lea and Kitty



A Sunny Day in Kananaskis

It was Sylvia’s idea after church and lunch that we go to Kananaskis and hike to my bench as it was such a lovely sunny day. So we did – Sylvia, Bruce and I. The peak is Mount Lorette. On our way back to Exshaw and Canmore we ran into bumper to bumper traffic on Hwy. 40 that was trying to get onto Hwy. 1 eastbound and its bumper to bumper traffic. As we sat waiting for the vehicles to move it was my opportunity to ask about their international travels done over the years they were grain farming in Saskatchewan. They went to a lot of different countries. Fascinating.

DSC05217 DSC05216 DSC05218

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Yoga at Ruthie’s Bench

It was another beautiful day in the Canadian Rockies so Kathie and I headed out to my bench at Hay Meadow. Kathie practised her yoga in front of my bench with the Nakiska ski runs as a back drop.

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DSC05209 DSC05212 DSC05207 DSC05210

Former Hostel Managers

Seventeen of us, that included some spouses, got together at Castle Mountain Hostel last Saturday afternoon and had a wonderful time visiting and eating.Thank you Tony Chatham for making this happen again.

DSC05041 DSC05042 DSC05043 DSC05044

The Rich Niece


Yes, she is rich as she has received all my backpacking gear. She is the woman on the far right with the big smile.


The Land of the Beaver

Yes, this is Canada, the land of the famous beaver and here to prove it is a beaver lodge in the Sibbald Region of Kananaskis Country. Every spring I take a drive through the Sibbald looking for bird life and other interesting things. Today I photographed this amazing beaver lodge. Click to enlarge the photo.


A new hiker strikes it Rich

DSC05006My dear niece Constance Ruth Oltmann has taken up hiking with the Brockville Hiking Club and is eager to start overnight hiking. e.g. backpacking. She has lucked out because at 82 years I can’t backpack any more so I’m sending her my gear I used for so many years and had so much fun using it It is still in good shape. All I have to do now is get a box big enough to put it in.


Books & more Books

I’m into cleaning up my book shelves and reorganizing the books. If you are interested in having one or more of my books you are welcome to come and check them out. 99% of them are non fiction and very good reading.


Parkinson’s & Friends are still hiking

Although we lack snow in the Bow Valley east of Banff townsite we have found that it makes for good hiking. Wednesday afternoons my Parkinson’s & Friends group gets out hiking and have been happy with the warmer weather. It doesn’t quite feel like winter yet even though there is some snow on the ground. This week three of us walked part way up Centennial Ridge Trail from the Pigeon Mountain parking lot. A couple of weeks ago we were hiking below Mount Yamnuska and came across this frozen pond.

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DSC04969 DSC_0032

Old Skills

When I lived in the city (48 years ago) I used to make all my clothes, now I rarely do much sewing, however, I recently bought some fabric to make something, but found I didn’t need to, so I used the fabric to make 4 camisoles. I found some trim in my sewing box, so I was able to spruce them up a bit.

DSC04934 DSC04935