Johnsrud Cousins Reunion

On the August long weekend I attended our Johnsrud cousins reunion in Sioux Lookout, NW Ontario. I drove the 2000+ km and camped along the way and visited Steve & Shirley Wiebe in Wynyard, Sask. and Julie & Merv Kraynick near … Continue reading

Two Feet X Fifty Years

Is it possible to wear your feet out? In spite of my doctor’s efforts, my podiatrist surgeon’s efforts, and Milan, the orthotic guy’s efforts, it has been discovered that I don’t have any padding left on the bottom of my … Continue reading

A Good Report

Remember that charming surgeon who worked on my shoulder/arm last year? Today I saw him for the final assessment of my shoulder. I’m doing good folks. Not perfect, but I wasn’t promised that, but I am free of pain and … Continue reading

I Think I Needed a Break

For the last 10.5 years I have led and/or organized hikes and snowshoe trips every Thursday for Ruthie’s Little Hiking Group. I have enjoyed these trips immensely, however, during that time I have undergone two spine surgeries, and one reverse … Continue reading

Not Another One!

The day after the country bumpkin had a meeting with the elevator door she met up with five of her hiking group to hike to Sundance Canyon in Banff National Park. Unfortunately, while rounding the Cave and Basin building she … Continue reading

Miracles Happen Every Day

Last year as I pulled myself up out of the snow with one hand I did not realize that a year later I’d be counting miracles. At that time I just knew I needed to get to the hospital to … Continue reading

The Shoulder !

Two weeks ago I received a new shoulder after last year breaking my humerus. I am still in the healing mode after receiving the shoulder. Paula, a new friend, has been a life saver by living with me, cooking my meals, … Continue reading

The Shoulder Saga

Sometimes life keeps throwing curved balls at me and I find myself getting weary of yet another setback. After two spine surgeries with long waits beforehand I am now waiting for shoulder replacement surgery after a fall last March. In … Continue reading

Always Learning

I had a hissy fit yesterday. What is a hissy fit you ask? Today mine was when I had hauled into the house a large number of groceries and was trying to prepare my solo Thanksgiving dinner and put away … Continue reading