A new hiker strikes it Rich

My dear niece Constance Ruth Oltmann has taken up hiking with the Brockville Hiking Club and is eager to start overnight hiking. e.g. backpacking. She has lucked out because at 82 years I can’t backpack any more so I’m sending … Continue reading

High Rockies Trail – Three Sisters Dam to Driftwood day use

Last Thursday afternoon in spite of low clouds on the peaks of the Bow Valley I drove up to the Spray Valley and discovered the clouds there were high enough to see the peaks. The section of the High Rockies … Continue reading

Two Feet X Fifty Years

Is it possible to wear your feet out? In spite of my doctor’s efforts, my podiatrist surgeon’s efforts, and Milan, the orthotic guy’s efforts, it has been discovered that I don’t have any padding left on the bottom of my … Continue reading

Ribbon Creek Trail

Yesterday I took myself down to Ribbon Creek, one of my favourite places in Kananaskis Country, as I wanted to check out the trail since it was repaired after the 2013 flood. Jeff Eamon, the trail crew foreman, had told … Continue reading

Another Blast From The Past

A little while ago I received an email from a former hiking buddy (like 1971/72) (Mike Hullah) with a couple of photos from those days. It is so nice to recall being strong enough to tear around the mountains and … Continue reading

I am Back Hiking

Does this mean the winter is over and spring has sprung? Maybe. Whatever the case is last week five of us hiked Grotto Canyon on ice and rocks. It is tricky doing the rocks with mini crampons (ice grippers) on. … Continue reading

Kananaskis Autumn Colours

This year the autumn tree colours in Kananaskis and the Bow Valley have been outstanding. Last Thursday my hiking group and I hiked from Barrier Dam to Jewell Falls so we could enjoy the changing tree colours of the season. … Continue reading