And Ronan Makes Ten

Here he is. Another adorable child arrived on December 20, 2020 to the Dormain household. In an age when large families are looked down on there are still some people who love children more than the ability to buy material … Continue reading

Old Friends Found

In this modern age it is easy to lose touch with friends when they change their email address. That happened to me when I couldn’t find Tom and Lynda Galeski. No matter what I did. However, I had discovered some … Continue reading

Jura Creek Canyon hike

Yesterday was another warm day in the Rockies so Idel, Vern and I headed out to Jura Creek to check the canyon walk. The parking lot was full and there were people scattered over the countryside. Fortunately being 2 metres … Continue reading

A Florida Couple

Many years ago when I was working in the Barrier Lake Information Centre in Kananaskis a couple from Florida came with a question. After I answered their question I had one of my own since they had told me they … Continue reading

Wasootch Creek to Porcupine Creek

Well, that was disappointing. Four of us headed north up the Baldy Pass Trail from the Wasootch Creek parking to Porcupine Creek. The uphill seemed to be longer than I remembered it, but we did get to the bridge over Porcupine Creek … Continue reading

Troll Falls – a Miracle Trail

  It is finished and I couldn’t wait to hike the new, improved trail to Troll Falls and the upper falls. I knew those water falls were there because many years ago I had bushwhacked downhill to see all seven … Continue reading

A Baptism in Quarry Lake

Saturday morning a group of people from Trinity Bible Church in Canmore gathered to see Jon Krohe be baptised by emersion in Quarry Lake. He gave a short talk about his spiritual journey first. It was impressive and his dedication … Continue reading

Stewart Canyon, Banff National Park

  This week there were only four of us on the Wednesday hike. Duncan, Olwyn, Nia, the dog, and me, your intrepid explorer. We drove to Lake Minnewanka and walked through the picnic area to find the trail to the … Continue reading