Dr. Justin Leblanc – My Shoulder Surgeon

He is a man full of vim, vigour and vitality with a marvelous smile and great charm. He is the surgeon who … connected my arm bone to … my shoulder bone…. Actually he gave me a whole new shoulder bone and all that entailed and set me on my way to be pain free. Today I saw him for my eight-week assessment since surgery and he said I am doing very well. Now I am on to the next stage of physiotherapy. I am so grateful to Dr. Justin and his wonderful team that I gave him one of my Ruthie’s Trails books. He immediately saw the photo of me climbing above Peyto Lake and said he had skied Bow Summit often. That was the first place I ever skied so we have something in common. He has also climbed Mount Fable – seen here from the Berm Trail behind my house.

So, if you ever need your … arm bone connected to your … shoulder bone…. He is the surgeon to do the job.

I am also very impressed with the South Health Campus hospital in Calgary. Today was Dr. Justin’s out patient bone and joint clinic. This takes place in a big room with many cubicles divided by curtains where Dr. Justin can go from one patient to another easily. My next follow up date was set right there and then, so there is no waiting and no calling after leaving the clinic. It is very efficient with friendly staff and lots of energetic activity, giving me a good feeling.

Regressing for a moment to the day of my surgery…. Once I was ready for surgery I was taken into a room called The Block. That is another big room with several stations where the anesthetists do the nerve blocks before the surgeries. (Dr. Brown oversaw my nerve block. He said he goes climbing whenever he can.) This room is very high tech with a digital screen that showed all the nerves in my shoulder. After a nerve block you don’t need pain medication for 24 hours.

From The Block I was taken into the operating room. Since I’ve now had a number of surgeries I am no longer intimidated by all the fancy equipment. I spied another digital screen and asked Dr. Justin if that was my shoulder. He said, “It sure is and that is the plan!” Ooooo….

There you have it. Even my friend Dr. Krystyna Jahns, who took me to both out patient clinics, has been impressed with Dr. Justin Leblanc.

Dr. Justin Leblanc DSC03397

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