Exshaw Community does Exshaw Mountain

DSC03590_2 DSC03592_2DSC03593_2September 20th was the community’s turn to do Exshaw Mountain Day. The day was a huge success with 52 people going up the mountain. A few didn’t quite make it to the top, but  lots of them did. Kids, parents and dogs had a great day in the sunny weather. The usual Exshaw breeze made for pleasant hiking.’ The youngest participant was 5 weeks old (see photo of Mom Michelle and cuddled papoose); the oldest was 80 years old (see Bill’s photo). Each participant had to register with Ruthie at the bottom of the mountain before heading out and then check in with her when they returned. Each person received a card with their name on it and at the two stations on the mountain and the summit they received a sticker on their card. Those with three stickers received a prize when they returned. The prize was a copy of Ruthie’s Trails book. Everyone had a great time.



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