Friends are Great

I’ve had a busy four days recently. Firstly last Thursday was my hiking group doing Tryst Lake (see blog), then on Friday Trish and I did a number of things, including being in Banff and driving Vermillion Lakes drive; then Saturday was Sylvia & Bruce’s mega garage sale, followed by a hike up Heart Creek seeing everybody and his uncle either rock climbing, or taking their wee kids on the trail and playing in the water. Sunday Ingrid, Wayne, Chris and I had a pizza picnic at Johnson Lake in Banff National Park and then a walk around the lake. Not only was everyone and his uncle at Johnson Lake, but also every young person you’ve ever known was there either walking around the lake or basking in the sun on the lake shore or floating in plastic boats on the lake. It was hot, so no wonder they were all out in force – +27˚C. I managed to snap this lovely photo of Ingrid.


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