From PJ’s to Snow

This morning while I was lounging around in my PJ’s with thoughts of spending the day reading a book I had an email from Janet inviting me to go with her to Mount Engadine Lodge for tea and a walk. I had to first get dressed and then check the drift behind my van to see if I could get out of Dodge. I couldn’t, but Janet offered to pick me up. She arrived with Garratt and her granddaughter Courtney. I was told to sit in the front with Garratt who was driving and direct him down the Mount Shark Road. We had to pass Mt. Engadine Lodge on the way, but there was no mention of tea. However, Garratt, who is a chef, had brought along sandwiches to eat during the drive. We arrived at the Mount Shark parking shortly before 1:30 p.m. When we left Canmore the temperature was -19˚C, but Mount Shark parking was -6˚C. After a couple of snags slowed us down in the beginning we were finally on the trail. Janet and I were walking while the young folk took off in a flurry of skate skiing and soon left us in the dust. The weather was hazy cloud, so we did not see much in the way of mountains, but the snow was beautiful and the main trail towards Watridge Lake had been groomed. A few other hardy souls were out walking or skiing as well. The snow surface was firm enough to walk in boots and was soft on the surface. Once Janet and I had turned around to head back to the car we discovered there was a biting wind in our faces. We warmed up in the car because I had made sure that Garratt gave me the car keys before we headed out. When the young folk returned we drove up to Mount Engadine Lodge where several people were enjoying the tea and goodies. Garratt, who knows the manager and owner, made sure we received our share of them. It was a very lovely day. More fun than reading a book in my PJ’s.

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