Heart Mountain Go-Getters & Good Reads

HMGG (a.k.a. Exshaw seniors) took a hike today along the Benchlands Trail overlooking Canmore in search of crocuses. They are out there and we had a delightful walk, topped off with coffee at Summit Cafe.

I’ve reading booklets from my own library and here they are if you are interested in good reads. I do loan out my books.

Road to Ya Ha Tinda (A story of Pioneers); Tommy and Lawrence (The Ways and the Trails of Lake O’Hara); Swiss Guides 1899-1999 (I was on a centennial climb)DSC02823; Timberline Tales (Folklore in Verse of the Canadian Rockies); Hotter Than a Bandit’s Shotgun and other Stories; Skoki Beyond the Passes. The last one brought back memories of when I was cook at Skoki Lodge in 1971 &1972.


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