Heart Mountain Go-Getters

It has been one of those busy mornings when I went into Canmore for various reasons, so it was a bit hectic when I got home for a quick lunch. The afternoon was a very cheerful time as the Heart Mountain Go-Getters were meeting at my house for our monthly meeting and social. (The seniors centre still isn’t open yet since last June’s big flood.) The Go-Getters are the Exshaw seniors; a group of people who are like flowers of joy in my life. “We have fun don’t we?” was Grace’s parting comment. And we do. Lots of laughs. Today eleven of us sat in my living room and enjoyed our ten minute meeting (we get a lot done in record time!) and a time for goodies and socializing.

There is something special when this group gets together. Some of them are new friends to me, but most are people I have known for several decades. My doctor’s former nurse, a couple I met through the Alpine Club of Canada, a couple of teachers, a former school secretary……. The list goes one.mosscampion

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