High Rockies Trail

DSC03892DSC03887DSC03882DSC03883The Friends of Kananaskis have been building a trail to fill in what is missing of the TransCanada Trail in the Rockies. The section from Goat Creek to Buller Creek is now complete except for signage. An article in the Rocky Mountain Outlook this week tweeked my interest and together with something Wayne Robb had told me earlier this year I just had to go and check it out. Yesterday I drove up the Smith-Dorrien/Spray Trail road from Canmore to the Goat Creek Trailhead as one starts out on Goat Creek Trail for the first 1.7 km to the Banff National Park boundary. From there take the left hand trail and you are now on the High Rockies Trail.

It was a great day to see flowers. I was also fortunate to see an osprey nest and the osprey. The male flew over me while the mother bird stayed on the nest. I could just make out her white head. The trail went by a pond where I saw two pair of mallards and another duck who was too swift for me to identify. Along the section of trail that was an old road I saw two piles of old bear scat and two logs that had been torn apart by the bear for grubs. I found a nice clean rock on the side of the trail that was ideal for my lunch break, but I think it is time I took my seat pad in the summer as well as the winter as the padding I’ve lost in my feet obviously extends to my butt. Rocks never used to be that hard. This was also a test run to see how my revamped orthotics would hold up my worn out feet. I am thrilled to say my feet are now cushioned and more comfortable for hiking, although I know I must be careful to not overdo it. I had one fleeting glimpse of a mountain biker who did not come as far as the old road. Other than that I did not see anyone and I enjoyed the quiet and the delightful singing birds. It was prime time to see the Labrador tea shrubs in bloom.


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