Hiking Lower Lake Trail in Kananaskis

mooseBoxing Day is a great day to hike on packed snow on the Lower Lake Trail in Kananaskis as the trail has great views of the Lower Kananaskis Lake and the surrounding mountains. It isn’t difficult so it was a good choice for me today as I hadn’t done much hiking for three weeks. I met a few people on the trail and had my snack at a picnic table below William Watson Lodge. An amazing facility for handicapped people and seniors of Alberta.

On the drive home on Highway 40 I was treated to Mrs. Moose licking salt on the highway. She wasn’t at all perturbed by the cars. She just went off the road when they came along and when things quieted down she was back licking salt. I sat quietly in my van, but was able to get out and take photos with my zoom; then when I drove by her I went really slow with my side window wound down and was able to get a great photo.

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