I married the Kananaskis

Yesterday was another sunny day, so when I finally got my butt in gear in the afternoon I drove to Kananaskis and Ribbon Creek and did a leisurely walk to Troll Falls. I always do a loop and this time it was Skogan Trail > Troll Falls Trail> Ruthie’s Trail > Skogan Trail. I counted 25 people on the trails, but I am sure there were more earlier in the day as I started at 3:30 p.m. I took photos of trees encroaching on the trails and a big puddle so I could send them to Jeff, the trail crew foreman, and I photographed some of my favourite views.

Don Gardner cut the first trail to Troll Falls in 1973 from Ribbon Creek Hostel. Since then, of course, Nakiska has been built and the new road to it has cut through Troll Falls Trail. The access is now changed, so one has to start at the Ribbon Creek parking lot (new since the development). When I was almost at the falls I met Jerry, one of my information centre regulars, and we had a long chat. I often run into people on the trails that I know from when I worked at the information centres. Jerry is 82 and recently widowed. He drops a few of his wife’s ashes in some of his favourite spots so he can go back and visit her. For myself I never get tired of visiting Troll Falls and when I am by myself I doddle along and poke about. I’m always loath to leave Kananaskis, but I know it will be there for another day.


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