Looking Back in Time

This evening I’ve been looking at some old photos that have been digitized and decided to put them here as just a few days ago Mary C. and I said “We were cute then.” She has been digitizing all her slides – an amazing job. More power to her. So, here are some photos to look at. Click to enlarge.

Myself on Bow Summit, with my late sister-in-law Irene, my parents in their garden in Ottawa, my brothers Brian & Phill on Horetzke Trail out of Kemano, B.C. on a backpack hike with me, my mother and siblings from the 1940s (I’m the one in the middle with curly hair, and on the left in the next photo, and with Uncle Henry Johnsrud – me on the right. This last one must have been just after WWII.

CT1812 ct1778 Ruthie & Irene MomDadOltmann BrianPhillip page1d page1c page1b

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