Not Another One!

The day after the country bumpkin had a meeting with the elevator door she met up with five of her hiking group to hike to Sundance Canyon in Banff National Park. Unfortunately, while rounding the Cave and Basin building she was distracted by someone calling her and tripped on a bit of curb and went flying landing very hard on the pavement. It was immediately apparent that she had broken her left wrist. As she lay screaming her head off in pain and shock a lady offered her help as she was an emergency room nurse. Her comfort and expertise were really appreciated. Twice she called for someone to call 911. Once the paramedics arrived they took over and got me hooked up to morphine and then by ambulance to the Mineral Springs Hospital in Banff.

Wayne and Carrie were very concerned about me and how long I would be in the hospital. Since I had yet to be examined by the doctor I sent them off with the hiking group to do the hike and when they returned I would know the status of my situation.

Dr. McDonald put me under some drug and set my wrist (collies fracture) and casted it. Both the doctor and I decided I should stay in the hospital for a few days so my pain could be monitored and to be sure my recent shoulder surgery was okay. Thus I was there for four days gradually discovering all kinds of bruises and much later a broken rib. 45 years ago I broke the same wrist – hiking out of the Bugaboos in B.C.

Enough is enough!


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