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Thank you for your interest in my books. I hope you will enjoy them.

I am pleased to be able to sell them to you at retail prices without GST!
Shipping is only $0.05 per book. Prices are as follows:





Ruthie’s Trails: A Lifetime of Adventure     Sale 50% off $19.95 $0.05 $20.00
My Valley * the Kananaskis out of print
Lizzie Rummel: Baroness of the Canadian Rockies $14.95 $0.05 $15.00

Please send a list of the books you would like to purchase along with a cheque, and your name and mailing address to:

Ruth Oltmann
P.O. Box 32
Exshaw, Alberta, T0L 2C0

Make cheque payable to: RUTH OLTMANN

Ruthie’s Trails is also available from these Retail Outlets:

In Canmore:

Canmore Museum & Geoscience Centre Shop

Cafe Books, Main Street

In Kananaskis Country:

Sundance Lodges (summer only)
Kananaskis Outfitters in Kananaskis Village Centre
Mount Kidd RV Park
Fortress Junction Service Centre

Boulton Creek Trading Post (summer only)