Rod Jaeger Retires

He was the first ranger in the newly formed Kananaskis Country and now after 43 years in the ranger service he has retired.

Last Friday night a huge crowd of well- wishers gathered at Owl Group Camp in Bow Valley Provincial Park to help Rod celebrate his retirement. There were a lot of funny stories to tell. Paul V. apologized for the many tricks he had played on him and Donna S. told the story of Rod falling in Ribbon Creek near Ribbon Lake and freezing his butt.

I enjoyed seeing so many people who had or still do work in Kananaskis Country. Sandy, his wife, once worked for me in the information centre at Barrier Lake; as did Tamara (seen here with her husband Nick who is still a conservation officer).

It was a wonderful evening with lots of accolades for a job well done. I wish Rod well in his retirement. Remember Rod, it is a pretty nice time of life.dsc04070dsc04064dsc04077dsc04082dsc04087

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