Ruthie’s Bench Has Visitors

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This past week I have been to my bench three times as various people wanted to see it with me. Krystyna was one of those people and when she told her grandson in England he said he already knew about it as he had been into my website. Then my Parkinson’s & Friends group wanted to go with me and then Wayne, who organizes and leads my original hiking group, had eight people wanting to go. So…. I have a few photos to add. Of course, I had a wonderful time on all three hikes that included more than just going to my bench; Troll Falls, Ruthie’s Trail, etc. In fact, the latter group also went to Kananaskis Village and walked along the Village Rim Trail and enjoyed coffee and goodies in The Lodge at Kananaskis. An amazing day with +20˚C in late October!

The Rocky Mountain Eagle Research Foundation people were busy counting eagles every time we visited my bench. Cliff Hansen said they were enjoying having my bench available to sit on while scoping for eagles and other raptors. That is why I wanted my bench there.







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