Ruthie’s Bench & The Rocky Mountain Eagle Research Foundation


It has been quite a day. The afternoon of September 16th saw several dozen people walk the trail from Stoney Trailhead to Hay Meadow in Kananaskis Country for the dedication of Ruthie’s Bench and the eagle foundation’s display explaining the golden eagle migration. Ruthie’s request for money to cover the cost of the plaque on her bench and for the ongoing work of the eagle foundation resulted in over $1600 being donated. Now the people who are counting the eagles and other raptors have a place to sit although many of them do bring their lawn chairs.

Jannell Rempel was the government organizer of the event and she did an outstanding job. Don Den Hoed, her boss, supported her wholeheartedly. Don and I go a long way back. He worked for me in the Elbow Valley Visitor Information Centre when he was sixteen years old. You will find him in my Ruthie’s Trails book – The Supreme Ruler of Kananaskis! Today he is almost that as he manages about half of Kananaskis Country and more.

Cliff Hansen and other eagle foundation people were out in force and thrilled that their efforts have paid off in the beautiful and informative panels about the migration.

It was a day to renew friendships of folks we hadn’t seen for awhile and enjoy the fabulous sunshine. I am grateful to all my friends who supported me and the eagle foundation in this venture. A great big thank you to everyone.

You can still donate to the Rocky Mountain Eagle Research Foundation. The site will continue to be up for two more weeks if more people want to donate, or you can go directly to the eagle foundation website. All monies received will go to the foundation.

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