Stewart Canyon, Banff National Park

IMG_2357 IMG_2352 IMG_2353

This week there were only four of us on the Wednesday hike. Duncan, Olwyn, Nia, the dog, and me, your intrepid explorer. We drove to Lake Minnewanka and walked through the picnic area to find the trail to the canyon. Since Mount Stewart is named after George Alexander Stewart (1830-1917) I assume the canyon is too. Mr. Stewart and his son surveyed what is now Banff National Park. The father was the park superintendent from 1877-99. The name was applied by Coleman in 1901 who was accompanied on two of his journeys by the son. (Source: Canadian Mountain Place Names) It is 1.4 km one way to the bridge over the canyon. That was as far as we went. That is the Cascade River in the canyon.

DSC05566 DSC05565 DSC05564 DSC05563 I couldn’t resist photographing my deck flowers that are doing rather well in spite of the cold nights.

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