Ruthie’s Trails

My life really has been an adventure. When I was a teenager all kinds of crazy things would happen to me, not bad, just different from the norm. I would come home after being out somewhere and my mother would ask me what I did. I would tell her and she would accuse me of lying and give me a really hard time. There was no way I could convince her otherwise, so after a few of those occasions I would just say something innocent like I was at Mary’s house. She never questioned that kind of answer. I didn’t like to lie to her, but my adventures were beyond her comprehension. That made her happy. Me? I just went on having adventures.

Today if my very conservative mother read this book (she is no longer living) she would be horrified at some of the things I’ve done. Like rafting the Nahanni River at the age of seventy-two a year after back surgery, or dressing up like I was about to do a winter climb only to be pushing my walker in Bow Valley Provincial Park in -15 C temperatures while I waited for a surgeon to decide what to do with another back problem.
Oh well, what do you do with a girl like…….

After reaching the age of 75 I finally became a poster child! April was Parkinson Awareness Month for the Canadian Parkinson Society. My story was in Reader’s Digest and a couple of Parkinson magazines. Yes I have the disease, but manage very well. The emphasis was on the benefits of exercise.

See my story on the Parkinson Society Canada website.