The Country Bumpkin

Watch out for a little lady who was in Calgary today and acting like the country bumpkin from Exshaw.

While trying to get a ticket at the Dalhousie LRT station she only found out how to fetch her train ticket from the machine when a person at the kiosk beside her fetched hers. Learn from others I guess.

Once the little lady arrived downtown she did get off the LRT at the right stop, but had to ask three cowboy policemen where the Glenbow Museum was. She couldn’t see the big sign on the building about 50 metres away. Well, the policemen were spiffy in their western wear and cowboy hats!

All the high tech stuff in the museum was almost too much for the little lady. She got whapped by the elevator door because she pushed a button for the sixth floor instead reading what was on the picture above the buttons. Country bumpkins are not used to pictures that you touch to get an elevator to move from the ground floor to the sixth floor. Mr. Murphy must have been standing behind this lady and pushed her so the elevator door hit her arm that had had recent surgery on the shoulder. Now she is sporting a large egg on the arm by the elbow. Hopefully she hasn’t damaged Dr. J’s great work on her shoulder.

Once in the Glenbow Archives the little lady seemed to do better, but that may have been because she had the help of one of the archive staff. She did come away with a map and other information for the Heritage Resources Committee of the Municipal District of Bighorn. Whew!

Once back on Stephen Avenue Mall the country bumpkin was overwhelmed with the activity going on. A band of folk with guitars and other instruments were playing western music and people were sitting on chairs or standing around listening, and people were coming and going in all directions. There was so much to see that the little lady was buzzed and only just managed to get on the right LRT and back to the Dalhousie station and her van without mishap.

After that the country bumpkin had clear sailing as Barb S. drove them to a wonderful Chinese buffet restaurant for lunch followed by tea on Barb’s back deck and a great visit.

Sorry, but there are no pictures of the country bumpkin, but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see one anyway.

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