Wasootch Creek to Porcupine Creek

Well, that was disappointing.

Four of us headed north up the Baldy Pass Trail from the Wasootch Creek parking to Porcupine Creek. The uphill seemed to be longer than I remembered it, but we did get to the bridge over Porcupine Creek that we found two weeks ago. From the bridge we hiked up stream only to be disappointed because I forgot about the tricky spot where the creek ran into a rock cliff. Forty odd years ago I could scramble on tiny ledges to avoid having to get my feet wet, but at that time I was a lot steadier on my feet than I am today and my companions were not rock climbers, so we sat down and ate our snacks. Somehow that return trail was easier; maybe because there was more downhill.

Another day I shall have to go back and check out something that looked interesting. I did see a little American Dipper flitting over the water in search of food.

DSC05612 DSC05613 DSC05614

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