Wedge Connector & E-T Creek bridges

DSC03090DSC03093DSC03089Yesterday I had a big surprise when seven of my hiking group showed up at Barrier Lake Visitor Centre, our meeting place in Kananaskis. Lately there has only been a couple of us on the hikes and I was thinking of disbanding the hiking group. When I saw seven show up I felt like I was being told to carry on! Our trip was from Wedge Pond along the paved bike trail and then the Wedge Connector Trail to Evan-Thomas Creek (a.k.a. E-T Creek). I wanted to check out the trail conditions since I heard a bridge was now across the creek. During last year’s flood a lot of rock and trees had blocked the trail close to the creek, but we found that Jeff and his trail crew had made a new wide path through this area. The big dam of rocks and trees is still there, but the new route goes to the left of that and follows the rocky creek bed to a new bridge over the creek. We continued on a newly cut trail to another bridge and discovered a fabulous waterfall that runs over smooth rocks. I never knew this waterfall existed as it was in tight trees. When I was running Ribbon Creek Hostel in the early 1970s I once drove up the Evan-Thomas fire road and got stuck in this same creek, only above the waterfall and never saw the waterfall. This was the highlight of the hike. After lunch at E-T Creek we hiked back to Wedge Pond and walked the one km trail around the pond. We polished off the day with coffee, etc. at Kananaskis Village in the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis.


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