A forever-young woman

Ruthie Oltmann was born in Ottawa, Ontario, but found her niche in the Canadian Rockies having moved to Alberta in 1964 and to the Rockies in 1970. Her varied careers included running hostels in the mountains, cooking in the backcountry, working for the University of Calgary at their field station in Kananaskis, working in Kananaskis Country information centres and writing books – all of which led to a myriad of adventures on the trails and in the Canadian mountains. A writer her entire life, Ruthie started keeping journals in 1968, ten years later she published her first book. Over the years she has had countless articles published in various magazines and journals, many of those stories are included in her book Ruthie’s Trails: A Lifetime of Adventure.

Comments from readers:

"I just finished reading your book "Ruthie's Trails: A Lifetime of Adventure", and just loved it!! I think that you and I have some things in common, in particular, our love for adventure and being in the outdoors." –Becky Legebokoff

"I have one complaint about your book [Ruthie's Trails]. I intended to get into my pantry to rearrange things, but I was so engrossed in the book that it was one and a half hours later and I had to be in Canmore in 25 minutes, so the pantry is still waiting." –Margo Hansen
"A couple of nights I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. reading it. " –Fran DeBeer
"Something very unusual happened, my husband who always has the TV on turned it off to read Ruthie's book. You know what? It's a miracle!" –Donna Iddings
"Congratulations on your new book.  I read it from cover to cover and I think you did a good job.  It's very interesting.  You did lead an adventurous life." –Ingrid Cummings nee Oltmann
"I finished the book. I thought I knew a lot about you, but realize that you had more lives than I knew." –Trish Jevne