A Good Report

Remember that charming surgeon who worked on my shoulder/arm last year? Today I saw him for the final assessment of my shoulder. I’m doing good folks. Not perfect, but I wasn’t promised that, but I am free of pain and I can do most things I want to do. I have learned that if I want to dress in layers every other layer has to be nylon or similar so that things slide. Otherwise I can’t get into them. I can’t pull things over my head unless they button or zipper halfway or all the way in the front. And, I am back hiking pain free. It was a long haul, but I am grateful there are wonderful surgeons who specialize in shoulder replacements.

Here he is again at the two weeks post surgery follow up. And, here I am back on Ruthie’s Trail in Kananaskis (the love of my life; Kananaskis that is).

Dr. Justin LeBlanc is so proud to be on my website blog that he recently told a friend of his to look it up. Now I’ve put him in it again. Too bad I didn’t think to take my camera today. Sigh…. I do get to see him again in a year’s time as he likes to see how his work is holding up.

(Double click to enlarge the photo.)Ruthie on Ruthie's Trail

Dr. Justin Leblanc

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