Former Hostel Managers

Seventeen of us, that included some spouses, got together at Castle Mountain Hostel last Saturday afternoon and had a wonderful time visiting and eating.Thank you Tony Chatham for making this happen again. … Continue reading

The Land of the Beaver

Yes, this is Canada, the land of the famous beaver and here to prove it is a beaver lodge in the Sibbald Region of Kananaskis Country. Every spring I take a drive through the Sibbald looking for bird life and … Continue reading

A new hiker strikes it Rich

My dear niece Constance Ruth Oltmann has taken up hiking with the Brockville Hiking Club and is eager to start overnight hiking. e.g. backpacking. She has lucked out because at 82 years I can’t backpack any more so I’m sending … Continue reading

Books & more Books

I’m into cleaning up my book shelves and reorganizing the books. If you are interested in having one or more of my books you are welcome to come and check them out. 99% of them are non fiction and very … Continue reading

Parkinson’s & Friends are still hiking

Although we lack snow in the Bow Valley east of Banff townsite we have found that it makes for good hiking. Wednesday afternoons my Parkinson’s & Friends group gets out hiking and have been happy with the warmer weather. It doesn’t quite … Continue reading

Old Skills

When I lived in the city (48 years ago) I used to make all my clothes, now I rarely do much sewing, however, I recently bought some fabric to make something, but found I didn’t need to, so I used … Continue reading

CPR Holiday Train

Late this afternoon I sat in my van reading my mail I’d just picked up at the post office in Exshaw. I was waiting for the CPR Holiday Train. I had a front row seat as there was nothing between … Continue reading

My Friend Mary

It was a big shock not only to me, but also to many others when Mary Campbell took ill and died very suddenly in October. I first met Mary in 1967 in Calgary. She was part of the hostel group … Continue reading

Enjoying Life

My Wednesday afternoon hikes really do help me to enjoy life. Lately I’ve had a sore foot and haven’t been too ambitious. An obscure little trail called Wildlife Viewing Trail at Lac Des Arcs across the Bow Valley from Exshaw is … Continue reading