Cousin Bonnie & hubby Bill

Bonnie and Bill came to Calgary from Brantford, Ontario, to take in two Calgary Flames games. Since there was a day off between the games we arranged to meet in the mountains. In spite of the -18˚C weather Bonnie a true farm girl and Bill eager to take in anything I planned toughed it out. We met at the Barrier Lake Visitor Centre on Hwy. 40 where I left my vehicle and we drove together to the Stoney Trailhead and hiked Hay Meadow Trail to Ruthie’s Bench and the eagle watching site. We didn’t stay long due to a bitter wind. Fortunately, the trail is in the trees so it was pleasant hiking on the packed snow. From there we drove to Kananaskis Village and had lunch in the Market Cafe in the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis. After lunch we walked the Village Rim Trail and I showed them where the G8 Summit group photo had taken place. Unfortunately, the mountains were socked in so what I call a Christmas card photo wasn’t possible.

Back at the information centre I retrieved my van and drove to my house where I left it and we went on together to Canmore. At Gear Up they rented crampons and we went to Johnston Canyon and hiked up the canyon to the lower falls. The trail wasn’t busy and had nice, packed snow on it. As usual the canyon is very spectacular. There had been a recent snowfall. We got back to the parking lot just before dark. The crampons were returned to Gear Up and we went to the Famous Chinese restaurant for dinner. Afterwards we went back to my house where we said our goodbyes and they left for Calgary with three books in hand.

The three of us had not seen each other since 2006 when I was on a big trip to Ontario. Bonnie and Bill had met on the internet. Bill was a man of 46 years at the time with four children and Bonnie was 44 years old and had been in the insurance business for years. After spending countless hours in cafes talking they tied the knot and have been happily married ever since. It isn’t every woman in her forties who would take on four children, but Bonnie made a point of getting to know each child on a one to one basis and they have a good relationship. Most of them have left home by now and are involved in careers. I was thrilled to be able to entertain Bonnie and Bill and they said they had a wonderful day.

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