I Think I Needed a Break

For the last 10.5 years I have led and/or organized hikes and snowshoe trips every Thursday for Ruthie’s Little Hiking Group. I have enjoyed these trips immensely, however, during that time I have undergone two spine surgeries, and one reverse shoulder replacement, several broken bones, and dealt with the ongoing incurable disease called Parkinson’s. All this has started taking a toll on my 78-year-old body and I was finding myself being impatient far too often.

I guess it is a bit like PTSD. Fortunately, I had come to realize I couldn’t handle winter trips this year due to only 50% mobility in my left arm from the shoulder replacement and I asked Wayne to lead the trips for the winter. This has resulted in my having time to have a sort of sabbatical and do things at home that are relaxing. I’ve had more time to do little things in my office by catching up on items left undone, spending long relaxing hours on jigsaw puzzles while gazing out of my living room window at Exshaw Mountain and the Bighorn sheep that use it in their travels, watching local walkers go by with their dogs and/or kids, and having visits from the neighbourhood orange cat Xerxes. (This is the cat that puts the run on the coyotes.)

I have joined the Exshaw Gym because for a senior it is downright cheap. I can scoot over there in two minutes by car and do an hour on the treadmill to keep my fitness up and still have lots of time for other occupations. I am starting to feel less impatient.

This reminds me of when I retired in 2000. By that time I had spent the previous six years with over two dozen health problems and it took me a year to rest up and feel like my old self again.

Is this “Old too soon; smart too late?”


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