Ingenuity Won the Day

Most people in the Bow Valley know that Exshaw is susceptible to extreme winds, but this week was something else again. On New Year’s Day I discovered I couldn’t open my front door as the wind had blown and packed snow against it. Fortunately the same wind had blown the snow away from my back door, so I bundled up in all my warmies and big boots, although I didn’t think to tighten the cord around the top of the boots, so when I was wading through the deep snow and the drift by the front deck one foot got stuck and the boot filled with snow. Since I had a shovel in my hand, and despite the fiercely blowing snow interfering with my vision, I was able to dig the boot out with my foot still in it. Then I had to crawl on my knees over the drift to reach the snow covered steps and onto the deck. I found the front door had over 60 cm of packed snow against it, but I managed to remove the snow and open the door.

Of course, the next day the same problem occurred. I again found packed snow against the front door, however, I was ahead of the game this time. I had my snowshoes ready by the back door and with them on I reached the front deck with less difficulty, although the huge drift in my side yard required some careful negotiation. It isn’t often that one has to snowshoe in their own yard. These photos were taken today after shovelling on my part and after my snow angel had shovelled my walk way and cleared the snow off my driveway with his snow blower. The drift in my front yard has an interesting formation.

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DSC04499 DSC04500 DSC04501 DSC04502 DSC04503

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