Miracles Happen Every Day

Last year as I pulled myself up out of the snow with one hand I did not realize that a year later I’d be counting miracles. At that time I just knew I needed to get to the hospital to find out what happened to my arm that now hung uselessly as I struggled to get out of the snow.

God bless 911 and the three paramedics who came to my rescue. Now fast forward one year and all kinds of medical interventions until I was told last August I required a shoulder replacement to connect my broken arm to my shoulder. We are all aware of the long waits for surgery; however, to be told in early January that I was looking at 2016 was heart breaking. A month or so later I was cheered up when I found I was now only looking at a six to eight month wait! Cheered up? Well it was an improvement over a year or more wait.

In the meantime my Ottawa brother and his wife started praying twice a day that I would soon get a phone call with a surgery date. One week later I got that phone call with only a month’s wait!

Unexpectedly a friend recommended someone she had recently met that was interested in house sitting and possibly doing some home care in Canmore. Paula and I connected and before I went for my surgery she came and stayed overnight with me to see how things would go. Being a very independent soul I was mulling over this idea and thinking I could do the surgery recovery thing on my own when I felt God saying to me “I am offering you a gift.” It was definitely time to trust him, so I asked Paula to come and stay with me for a month during my initial recovery. She said ‘yes” and before that month was up I knew she was a gift from God. I had such good care from her; she did all the grocery shopping, all the cooking, and helping me get in and out of my sling, even tying my shoes, and helping me get dressed, so much so that I realized I could not have managed without her. She was always available when I needed help and would drop what she was doing to come to my aid.

Another gift is my physician friend, Krystyna, who took me to the hospital for my two week post operative check up with the surgeon and later explained things more fully and is now giving me guidance with my exercises and is willing to drive me to appointments, etc. It is not just this friend who is a gift from God, but also the many people who are offering their help. I am very blessed.

I am constantly reminded that God’s gifts often take different forms and usually require us to trust him and go for it. After all he only has our good in mind

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