Rummel Lake with Chilliwack Club

Yesterday was beautiful weather when I met up with nine folks from the Chilliwack Outdoor Club who were staying at Ribbon Creek Hostel (now known as Kananaskis Wilderness Hostel) or camping at Mount Kidd Campground. Mary Ann came with me and the others followed in three cars to the Rummel Lake trailhead. We hiked the 5 km to the lake, me arriving last, for our lunch stop. While Alan and I stayed at the lake the others went on to Rummel Pass and really enjoyed the alpine meadows and spectacular view from the pass. I wasn’t up to going to the pass as I seem to be slowing down in my hiking adventures. I wonder why? It was very pleasant spending two hours at this beautiful lake and thinking of my friend Lizzie Rummel. We were not the only ones going to this lake. Fifty people from the M & M (Monday in the Mountains) hiking group from Calgary were also there, along with several couples.


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