Sawmill Snowshoe Trail

treesFour of my intrepid hiking group snowshoed this trail yesterday. We encountered a humongous amount of June flood devastation. Great big trees had been washed down James Walker Creek and the creek bed had been enlarged. It was a huge swath full of trees and rocks. The snow had covered up a lot of the trees, but we still had to work our way around the piles and climb over some of them. My companions had snowshoes on, but I was in my snow boots. There was a good packed snowshoe trail, so that wasn’t a problem and it was easier for me to climb over some of those logs. At the apex of the loop we had our lunches and enjoyed the view albeit the clouds were shrouded in snow clouds. When a couple came up the other side of the loop trail we chatted and discovered that the fellow was Bernie Woods – one of my Ribbon Creek Hostellers! I had not seen him in 20 years or something like that. A real treat.

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