Stalin’s Daughter Writes

O Lord, how lovely is the earth of yours and how perfect every blade of grass, every flower and leaf! And you go on supporting man and giving him strength in this fearful bedlam where Nature alone, invincible and eternal, gives solace and strength, harmony and tranquility of spirit.
Only those whom God has cursed and abandoned can bear to violate the beauty and majesty of earth or think of destroying what grows and blossoms and makes life joyful. What a terrible thing that there are so many madmen in the world! What a terrible thing, and how wrong, that they set aims for themselves and for the sake of these aims consider the destruction of life itself to be justified!”
“Dogmatic differences between religions are losing their importance. Its simpler to divide people today into believers and unbelievers. By the time I was thirty-five and had seen something of life, I, who’d been taught from earliest childhood. By society and my family to be an atheist and materialist, was already one of those who cannot live without God. I am glad that it is so.”

‘Twenty letters to a friend” by Svetlana Alliluyera (Stalin’s daughter)
Avon Books,New York, N.Y. 1967, 1968.DSC03467_2

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