Terrace Trail


Initially I had difficulty in deciding on what trail to do this week, but finally settled on Terrace Trail from Kananaskis Village to Galatea. (We did it in reverse last year.) After leaving one vehicle at Galatea six of us started out from the Village. Right away we discovered a new x-c ski trail had been cleared to hook up with Kovach x-c ski Trail and Terrace hiking trail. There is now a road to a Village facility on the former ski trail, hence the need for access to Kovach and Terrace trails. The choice of Terrace Trail for our hike was good as the day became very hot (+28˚C) and the trail is mostly in the shady trees. However, it was a 2.5 hour hike to the best lunch spot at the big gully where there are lots of rocks to sit on. I suspect Bronwen, Clarence & Elizabeth’s 15 year old grandchild won’t hike with me again as our tongues were sure hanging out for that very late lunch!  This is the only photo I took as I have lots of flower pictures. The wild flowers were very prolific, especially nice was a huge clump of yellow lady slippers.DSC02963

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