The Birthday Bash photos

My 80th Birthday Bash was a huge success with 100 people who came. There was a get-a-acquainted quiz, lots of food, and Donna contributed the paper plates, cups, and decorations, fresh flowers and balloons, and music was by Les & Kathy on ukuleles and also a dance presentation by them and more music by Vern & Idel with a special composition for Ruthie who had to make a speech to top it all off. Thank you everyone who came and brought cards and gifts. You were not supposed to bring gifts, but what could I say but thank you. The photos are from Jean K. and Maria H. and I think Cathy S.

The photo of five are hostellers who have known each other for 50 years. My youngest guests are the 7 delightful children of the Dormain family.

P2240121 - Version 2_3IMG_4353[2]DSCF3144IMG_1332IMG_4319[2]IMG_4326[2]IMG_1333IMG_4345[2]

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