Tryst Lake

This past Thursday nine of my hiking group set out for Tryst Lake, but when the terrain got too steep and difficult the one with knee problems and his wife and one other turned back. This was just as well as this unofficial trail is very steep, very muddy, and very wet with many creek crossings without bridges and a couple of trees that were difficult to get over or under. We arrived at the lake in time to eat a quick lunch before it began to snow! As we hustled back down the trail the lower we got the snow turned to rain. I got soaked to the skin as I did not take my best water proof jacket. Fortunately, the rain quit as we were hiking the easy part of the trail. This trail is very steep and treacherous and a couple of us had to have help from Mike and Wayne who always rise to the occasion. Trish, visiting from the Wetaskiwin area of Alberta, was happy as a bug in a rug. She really needed a mountain fix. Thanks to Mike and Maria for taking lots of photos as I only got one of the lake very socked in. This is one of the lake and me before the snow fell.


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