Two Feet X Fifty Years

Is it possible to wear your feet out? In spite of my doctor’s efforts, my podiatrist surgeon’s efforts, and Milan, the orthotic guy’s efforts, it has been discovered that I don’t have any padding left on the bottom of my feet; all I have is skin and bone and I can barely walk. So it is time for me to hang up my hiking boots, and after eleven years to close down Ruthie’s Little Hiking Group, and amuse myself doing something else.

In the last fifty years I have seen a lot of hiking trails, a lot of skiable snow in some really fabulous places, and snowshoeable snow in great mountain country. I can’t complain because I have so much to be thankful about. I have hiked, skied and snowshoed with a lot of wonderful people who have enhanced my life.

You name it; I’ve been there. The Canadian Rockies is the best place in the world to spend your life. I’m not leaving I’m just changing what I do; picnicking, bird watching, camping, snoozing, volunteer activities, sitting on my back deck in the sun, and I’m still good for a cup of tea and a visit, soooo…..

I started life playing the piano and now I am going full circle while keeping a piano for young Theron to practice on as their house is too small for it; so, I’m now playing the piano again after forty-six years. Gradually my fingers are finding their way on the keyboard.

Life is full of adventure and I am on another one. Maybe I’ll check out those Nike cushioned runners Anne was telling me about……

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Ruthie - Tryst Lake TrailRuthie @ Rummel Lake

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