Wasootch Creek area

DSC02776DSC02775I headed out to meet my hiking group this morning realizing I might be the only person to show up as it was -26˚C when I got up today. Sure enough I was the only one, however, I had a nice chat with Alex in the Barrier Lake Visitor Centre and then took off for a snowshoe. I drove to Wedge Pond where it turned out to be -29˚C and I couldn’t get in my snowshoes as they were too stiff from the cold. I keep them in my van.

I found shadows on the snow when I followed the sun to Wasootch Creek and snowshoed along the old road that was built in 1952. It was -24˚C when I left the van and pretty soon a cold breeze was blowing in my face so I didn’t go far. On the way back I snowshoed along a ledge above the creek and could see that last June’s flood did a lot of damage on the creek. The access to the Wasootch climbing cliffs has disappeared under rocks and tree debris.

1.5 hours and I was back at my van for lunch in its warmth. After lunch I drove to Ribbon Creek and could see that some people had tried to go up the creek on skis in spite of the creek washing out portions of the trail. I don’t know how far they got and even though the temperature there was -13˚C I decided to go home and warm up. I’ll go back to Ribbon Creek another day.

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