Wednesday’s Hike up Ribbon Creek

Today five of my Ruthie & Friends Hiking Group hiked up Ribbon Creek Trail to the first picnic table. That is always a great spot to stop and chat and if you are over eighty years old it is probably a good place to turn around. It was a lovely warm day and we had a super time. We even had a short stop to search for the two grouse that flew into the trees and to have a short chat with a young fellow who had hiked up the North Fork of Ribbon Creek and found the memorial cairn that is related to the plane crashes and the people who died during a tragedy just prior to the 1988 Olympics. For the story about this tragedy see my book My Valley the Kananaskis page 166 Р168 (1997 Rocky Mountain Books) and the picture of the memorial cairn.

DSC05552 DSC05553 DSC05555 DSC05556 DSC05557

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