Wow! What a Day

The only person who showed up for Thursday’s snowshoe was Flo. Wayne broke his wrist two days ago, C & E flew to New Zealand, and Leslie was busy doing something else, so I was surprised that someone showed up. I thought I might be snowshoeing by myself with those stalwarts unavailable. Flo was a welcome sight. We drove down the Smith-Dorrien/Spray Lakes road to the Mount Shark road and found the unploughed parking lot for the Marushka Lake Trail. We just parked on the edge as the parking area had not been ploughed. Once on the trail we took turns trail breaking through lovely fresh snow. By the time we ran out of steam Flo found a likely looking log which made a precarious lunch stop. We didn’t make it to the lake as it was just two much work with just two of us trail breaking.

Back the way back I had some difficulties with one of my snowshoes that was very frustrating. Our arrival at the van coincided with the arrival at of a big grader, so we quickly got our snowshoes off and got out of there so the grader could complete the ploughing. We drove down the road to the heliport turn off to turn around, unfortunately, on our return up the road we met the grader coming toward us. I tried to give him a wide enough birth so we wouldn’t get hit and as a result my van slid on the icy road ¬†and ended up smack against the snow bank with my right wheels off the road and in the soft snow. Stuck we were and even with three people helping we remained stuck. The grader man went to Mount Engadine Lodge with my Chrysler Road Side Assistance information and someone called for a tow truck, Then a young man from the lodge came and got the two of us women and took us to the lodge to keep warm and enjoy their coffee and goodies.

It was about 3:30 p.m. when we got stuck and it wasn’t until 6:00 p.m. that the tow truck arrived – a welcome sight. The two guys took us back to my van and there isn’t anything quite as great and stress relieving as seeing two guys working in a difficult situation; and it was tricky getting that van out of a awkward spot. I just left them to it and wasn’t at all concerned. They did get it out – and with my road side assistance program it didn’t cost me anything.

We went back to Mount Engadine Lodge as Flo had accidently picked up the wrong gaitors in the rush that she returned and got her own. From there we still had a long drive in the dark back to Canmore. We only met one vehicle on the way. After dropping Flo off at her car I went to Simpson’s car wash and washed all the snow (it was caked on the back) off the van and came home, arriving at 8:00 p.m. As I say, It was quite a day.

Flo was Queen for the Day by getting in all the photos; the result of being my only companion today.DSC02785


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